The program has been created in order to ease and speed up projecting of flat, office interior as well as garden surrounding. In the program there is 2D view used ( from up ), thanks  to this the view is more readable. The program is marked by high graphic quality, well texture what ensure that project is more realistic. The uniqueness of the program is special function, thanks to which by clicking on the particular furniture's model, the real photo together with dimensions, producer name and internet address of producer is displayed, where particular furniture can be bought. The program is addressed to anyone, who wants to design own living space, interior architects as well as developers and real estate offices, whom it will help to prepare and make more attractive offer. The program doesn't require installation and it is started on-line. Prepared project can be recorded and printed together with all specification of used elements.

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The program requires installation of executive environment of Java version 6.0. Download from www.java.com

Main advantages of the program :
- the cost only 29$ / 22EUR / 19GBP - yearly subscription
- the library of over 800 elements
- the possibility of recording finished project as files ( jpg., png., bmp., fp )
- own gallery at www.factoryofprojects.com

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    Limitations of demo version :
      - water signs in the program
      - the library includes only 100 pcs of elements
      - lack of recording the project (jpg, png, fp)
      - lack of own gallery at the website

Run Factory

Wnętrze During the spring, as with every season the trends are changed. Filling up our wardrobe with modern clothes, let's don't forget about our flats. Let's dress it in fresh colours.

Ogród The garden is the place of rest, very often this is the second living room, where during the summer intense live is carried on. Thus it is very important, when it looks nice and is kept in good form.

Projekt 1 Projekt 1